Arcadia is a place for the free early learning child guided to feel at home to explore, discover and enjoy. Learning at Acadia is by child motivation and achieved by experience and play activities closely guided and where each child is appreciated as an individual. We have qualified teachers and each class has an assistant teacher. The baby attendants are trained on first aid and work under the supervision of the head teacher and the school administrator.

Furthermore, our children remind us daily of the life-long impact that our first-class programs have on their lives. From normal subjects to music, ballet, swimming, tennis, computer and other extra curricular activities that open and sharpen the life of the child, the rich tradition of excellence at Arcadia Kindergarten continues to live on. It is the personal and professional goal of the administration and staff to ensure these programs provide your child with rich opportunities for growth and contribute to the memorable traditions of Arcadia Kindergarten.

Christianity is the organizing factor that makes our center hold. The children are taught to handle and cherish a school culture that privileges God’s love to all. We have rules and discipline, but they are recessive, not repressive. We believe that an emphasis on rules and regulations can be healthy to a school culture where integrity and professionalism is upheld.

Finally, as we push on into the school year, we choose to equip our children with the skills needed to be successful future professionals. Our academics strives to meet the demands of today’s world and to empower each and every child with the confidence and knowledge to advance in the global community.

I firmly believe that our students deserve a world-class education. Through our cooperation and embracing hard work, our children have endless opportunities to maximize their time here at our school as they prepare for their futures. This way, we are ready to afford our children an opportunity to shine brilliantly and rise to the demands of this ever-changing world. Thank you all.

Mrs.Nyambura Gachuki, Administrator.